Not Quite Passive Income, But Over 20 Ways you can make a living using your music.

music revenue Apr 05, 2020

Listen to the video as you go.

It seems the passed couple years everyone is chasing this "passive income" lifestyle and goal. Well i'm not here to smash all that out of your dream by any means. 

But let's have a rethink on the whole thing. Passive income from your music implies you have your music done and now it makes you income all day everyday. 
An you know what yeah, totally I do that all day long with the "Unders" brand. 

But there's something missing, The reality. that's what is missing. You see the reality is you need a few things before hand. 

The music
An audience
Knowledge of the systems, Without these your best effort will falter.

But if you get this fit an balance just right you can shimmy your way into it quite smoothly. 

The kicker?
You gotta do HUGE levels of work up front. Like absolutely massive levels of work that you are not getting paid for and that you are not sure will ever get paid for. This bit kills most people off right off the bat. This is why you need to be in it for the love of what it is you do that's why Unders works so well. its me making music and showing people how i make music. Id be doing it regardless.

So if this still suits you, refer back to the video up top (hopefully you have been listening while reading this bit of truth)

There is a whole bunch of great options to begin generating that passive income once you have done that upfront work. My youtube channel drives people onto my music every hour. It generates income constantly. upfront all the effort I put into it now is paying off over time. 

Cross that with music sales, sponsors, merch, guest speaking at event and presto we have a business and things like the guest speaking simply help putting more energy behind the passive elements.

Got questions?

reach out below and dont forget to download the "Musicians guide to streaming" and grow your first passive income stream for free, assuming you have already done that ground work.

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