How to make content and posts that make people engage with your music

Uncategorized Mar 24, 2020

How to make content and posts that make people engage with your music

We have all see the posts (maybe we have even done them)

That go "Hey can you check out my new tune and give me some feedback"

And then crickets, nothing happens. Pure wasted energy. 

Chances are you see these posts and think, errrrm nope. WHY? and if you are guilty of doing them, well think how do you react to them.

The thing is then, How do you actually get someone to listen to your track? Well you need to tell them quite simply what is in it for them. Why would it be worth THEM spending THEIR time on it. What is the benefit THEY get from it.

following me here?

Make it all about them and giving first not asking for time but getting a fair exchange for that time spent an hopefully the music will then do the rest for you.

Ok Scott, fine i get it.

But how do I do that?

Well what I do should differ from what you do, But my push here is quite simple. I will teach you something you want to know first an I will do it using my track. Ergo my entire youtube channel as "Unders"

So the big question is how do you find out what people want, look for, ask or need? Well that my friends is what the video is for. its my personal resources of how I find out what people want before I go and make it. 


Now there's no excuses for those blind desperate posts, Come up with something that makes that person want to click and listen. Not an obligation of losing their time they are free to ignore. 

Happy creating! (as many of us are locked away indoors especially) In my case chasing a toddler most of the day.



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