3 Ways to earn more from your music over time

Uncategorized Apr 13, 2020

SO reading that title some of you will think. That's no good I need to sell it today and make money today. Im here to tell you that short term thinking of immediacy will likely lead to an endless cycle of spammy "Please check out my new music" posts all over the internet. 

This doesn't work. It did work when people bought music for 99p now it doesn't work as the cost to the customer might be free if they are happy to give their time up, But the reward is 0.003p for you. 

You can't scale that, You cannot eat off that. Hell you cant pay for the tea you drank while you made the post for that.

However there are a bunch of things you can do over time to constantly top up what a piece of music does for you.

When I first started down these paths it would only generate a tiny trickle each month.

But think about this. 1 track making just £5 a month profit with essentially very minimal work. So £5 sucks, But my track Old School Days which hasn't done well on the streaming services has made £5 ish every month since 2016.. Ok so now its £240 (an still going) 

Lets keep adding music to that pile over time and now were talking about £90 every month, For the same level of work. even if it just stuck at £90 for the next year that's an extra 1k banked. I dont know a job that will give someone like me an extra 1k a year for doing no extra work. Do you?

Watch the video to see the 3 different ways you can use a piece of music you already have to make extra money over time. 



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